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Keith Ferrin's Complete Digital Book Library

This is the full meal deal! Every book I have in every digital format I have for one price. If there is an eBook - you get it. If there is an audiobook - you get it. 

The Best Part...You get all future books I write. You own the library...not just the books! When I write a new book - or create a new format - you will see it automagically (wink) appear in your library.

Current Titles (and Suggested List Price if you bought the print or audiobook separately):

  • How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible (Book AND Audiobook $14.00/each)
  • Like Ice Cream: The Scoop on Helping the Next Generation Fall in Love with God's Word ($12.99)
  • Rapid Bible Read Thru ($12.99)
  • Advent Scripture Journey (Book AND Audiobook $12.99/each)
  • Bible Praying for Parents ($14.99)
  • Falling in Love with God's Word ($12.99)
  • The Expert Interviews: All About Family Ministry ($12.99)
  • Lent Scripture Journey ($12.99)
  • Ephesians Scripture Journey ($12.99)
  • 1 Peter Scripture Journey ($12.99)
  • Acts Scripture Journey ($12.99)
  • 2 Timothy Scripture Journey ($12.99)

The Total Value of the Complete Digital Book Library is $171.90!

It's all yours for 56% off!

(Plus all FUTURE books for free!)