Do you struggle to read, understand or enjoy the Bible?

Most people do. We feel like we "should" read it more or know it better. Everything I do - speaking, writing, courses, blog - is entirely about helping you move from should to want. 

If it's ok with you, I would love to give you my #1 downloaded resource for free. It's called The Simplest Way to Study Any Bible Passage. 

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The Bible Study Course

Relational Bible Study‚ĄĘ¬†is¬†my 8-session video course that has helped more people move from "should" to "want" than anything I've ever created. One price. Lifetime access.

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The Internalization Course

The Simplest Way to Internalize is the entire process I have used to internalize (my word for "memorize") more than a dozen books of the Bible (as well as multiple chapters and verses.) 

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"Your Bible Coach" (YouTube)

Every week you'll find  a new video with Bible study tips, tools, reviews, and interviews on my show BibleTalk! Subscribe so you don't miss a video!

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The Community

Read, study, learn and discuss the Bible with an active community of Bible readers from around the world. New Bible studies every month. Live, weekly training and encouragement with me.

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Hi. I'm Keith.

My passion and mission is helping individuals, families, and entire churches realize that the Bible isn't only true and relevant. It's also outstanding and enjoyable! 

I always believed the Bible was true. I was a Christian for 25 years before I realized it was awesome! I want to make sure it doesn't take you that long.

Are you looking for a speaker?

Conferences. Churches. Universities. Chapel services. Parent workshops. Sermons. Online training. Youth events.

If you're planning an event, I would love to explore how I might serve you and the people you serve. 

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