28 Proofs That God Can Use You

Have you ever looked at someone else’s resume and thought, There’s no way God can use me?

Comparing yourself (which is always a bad idea by the way) will have you completely focused on his brains, her skills, his looks, her ability, his connections, her opportunity, his luck…

When you compare your flaws to someone else’s strengths – at least the ones they’ll let you see – you will always come up thinking God can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t use you. But hear this clearly, my friend…

Your flaws are not your identity. Your flaws don’t define you. God does. He looks at you and says, “Yup. Just the way I like it.”

A while back, a pastor I know shared a list that starts to put all this in perspective a bit. I have added a few myself.

If God can use these people He can certainly use you and me.

After all… 

  1. Noah was a drunk
  2. Abraham was too old
  3. Isaac was a daydreamer
  4. Jacob was a liar
  5. Leah was ugly
  6. Joseph was abused
  7. Moses had a stuttering problem
  8. Gideon was afraid
  9. Samson had long hair and was a womanizer
  10. Rahab was a prostitute
  11. Jeremiah was too young
  12. David was an adulterer (not to mention a murderer)
  13. Elijah was suicidal
  14. Isaiah preached naked
  15. Jonah ran from God
  16. Naomi was a widow
  17. Job went bankrupt
  18. John the Baptist ate bugs
  19. Andrew lived in the shadow of his big brother
  20. Peter denied Christ
  21. All the disciples fell asleep while praying (and ran away when Jesus really needed them.)
  22. Martha worried about everything
  23. The Samaritan woman was divorced (more than once)
  24. Mary Magdalene was demon-possessed
  25. Zaccheus was too small
  26. Timothy had an ulcer
  27. Paul was a Christian-killer
  28. Oh…and Lazarus was dead

Hmmm…I think God can use you…and me…and him…and her…

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