8 Free Christian Apps You Should Have On Your Phone

There’s a better than 75% chance you are reading these words on your smartphone. We use our phones for almost everything. Why not use your phone to nurture your relationship with Jesus? Here are eight apps you will find useful. I use all eight for something different.


This is the best all-around Bible app. (Here’s the link.)

I’d be a little shocked if you are reading this post and don’t already have it on your phone. That said, even if you have it on your phone, do you use it to it’s fullest potential?

For example, I’m guessing you know you can customize the font size and whether your text is white-on-black or black-on-white. But did you know you could also customize these items?

  • The font itself (7 to choose from)
  • The theme color of the entire app
  • Turn on/off Jesus’s words in red
  • Turn on/off cross references
  • Turn on/off footnotes
  • Have the verses underlined as you’re listening to an audio Bible

The YouVersion Bible app keeps getting better and better. They have loads of videos included as well as reading plans for about every topic and length you can image.

(NOTE: If your Bible reading could use a jumpstart, you can check out MY first ever plan in the YouVersion Bible app – 5 Tips That Will Ignite Your Bible Reading. It’s amazing to me that in the first two months, 2,413 people have already signed up for the plan. Amazing! Click here if you’re reading this on your computer or search “Keith Ferrin” from within the app.)


This is the best app for Bible Study. (Here’s the link.)

Most people think of Logos as the premier Bible study software out there. That’s because it is. It’s amazing. And it’s pretty expensive.

However, buying an expensive piece of software isn’t your only option. Their free app is incredibly robust and includes a library of 90+ resources. If you do happen to own the software, you can log in and access your resources from the app as well. Of all the apps on this list, I use Logos more than anything except the YouVersion app. It’s awesome!


Read Scripture

This is the best app for reading the entire Bible. (Here’s the link.)

I used the Read Scripture app for my Rapid Bible Read Thru a couple years ago. It is simple, clean, beautiful, and walks you through the whole Bible chronologically.

When it comes to reading the whole Bible, what I love most about this app – other than the simplicity so nothing distracts you – is that each time you come to a new book, the fantastic overview videos from The Bible Project are embedded right into the daily reading. If you’re new to the Bible, or simply enjoy having a refresher of some of the “less familiar” books of the Bible, these videos are a huge addition.


This is the best app for devotions, sermons, videos, and music…all in one place. (Here’s the link.)

Do you consider yourself a “browser?” If you’re someone who like so scan MSN or Google News, flip through magazines, or simply scroll through Facebook to see what people are doing, reading, sharing, then you will love iDisciple.

  • Want to read a devotional? Check.
  • Want to watch a Christian video? Check.
  • Want to listen to Christian radio? Check.
  • Want to search for a sermon by topic? Check.
  • Want a Bible reading plan (by length or topic)? Check.
  • Want to search for all different types of content – audio/video/writing – from your favorite author or speaker? Check.

It’s pretty crazy (in a good way) how much they’ve packed into one app. BTW…It all synchronizes with their online version so you can pick up where you left off on your computer, tablet, or phone.


This is the best app for Christian audiobooks. (Here’s the link.)

I love audiobooks. If you do too, you need this app. Think of it as Audible with entirely Christian content. Their library is incredibly robust. Their app – since their latest update – is outstanding, intuitive, and beautiful.

Not only that, but they GIVE AWAY a free, premium audiobook (usually something released in the last 3-6 months) every single month. Check out www.christianaudio.com/free to see what they are giving away this month. 

Scripture Typer

This is the best “memorization” app. (Here’s the link.)

If you’ve read much of my writing, then you know I’m not a fan of the word “memorization.” It is usually too focused on getting the words in the right order. I talk a whole lot more about “internalization.” After all, I always say…

 "The goal isn't to know the words. It's to know the Word."

That said, while the stated purpose of this app is to help you memorize, you can really use it as the “fine tuning” piece of ANY passage you are internalizing. You can add verses, sections or entire chapters. The layout is very intuitive and the process for getting it to stick is quite good.

NOTE: The app comes with the King James Version for free and you can buy almost any popular translation you want. However, if you select a verse and click “Import Verse Text” it will import any translation for free. If you want to do more than 50 verses at a time, you’ll also have to buy the pro version.

Bible Lens

This is a fun app for connecting the Bible and YOUR pictures…and then sharing them. (Here’s the link.)

The concept is quite simple. (Most really cool things are.)

  1. Take a picture or choose one from your camera roll.
  2. The app searches the image and recommends Bible verses that match.
  3. Choose one of the 6-8 suggested verses.
  4. Pick from 10-15 design choices.
  5. Edit (if you want to) the color, size, zoom level, etc.
  6. Save it or share it.

As I was typing this blog post, I looked around my office and saw a tape measure. I took a picture of it and let Bible Lens do its thing.

The raw picture
After Bible Lens worked its magic!


This is the best app for listening to the Bible…if you like a stylized experience and the English Standard Version. (Here’s the link.)

This is a fairly new app. If you are a fan of the ESV, you’re going to love it. They have produced a truly beautiful listening experience. There are four different readers (different styles, genders and accents) so you can choose what reader you want to listen to. It’s all being done with original music as well.

This is a massive undertaking so they are releasing books as they’re done. They have the whole New Testament completed and are releasing new Old Testament books every week or two. The free version only comes with one reader – and the only translation so far is the ESV.

Your turn…What app would you add to this list? 

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