Announcing: The Completely Rebuilt

I have been waiting for this day for a long time! The last time I did a complete rebuild of my website was almost 10 years ago. It was "comfortable," but it was limiting me from doing things in a way I knew would serve you best. is a new day. We started from scratch - new theme, new design, new company - and I haven't been this excited in a long time. 

Here are a few reasons why. (I think you'll like them too.)

Reason 1: Simpler and Faster

A couple months ago, I met someone who had never heard me speak, visited my blog, or read any of my books. She was the perfect person to take a look at my blog and get feedback from. Her response was like a dagger, 

"It seems like you have great stuff. But I have no idea where to start or what to do." 

Ouch. As someone who started a communication and messaging business called Simply CommunicateI would have preferred she told me the site was ugly, rather than confusing!

My word for 2021 is "simplify." So that's exactly what I did. I removed all the clutter. I pared down the blog posts. I simplified the menu. I used a simple "theme." 

The end result? You'll know exactly what I have to offer. You'll know how to find it. You'll like how it looks (no matter what device you're on). You'll like how fast it loads. 

Reason 2: The Mobile App

People who register for Relational Bible Study™ (my premium online course), listen to the Storyteller Bible™ (my free audio New Testament), purchase the Keith Ferrin Complete Digital Book Library (every one of my books in one bundle for 40% off), or join the BibleLife Community™ (my private Bible study community) have asked me for years if I was going to create an app. 

The company I landed on - after heaps of research - includes an app, so everything can be watched or listened to on your phone or tablet. (Even typing that makes me smile!)

Since it's all integrated - and they're updating everything behind the scenes - as soon as I add or update something, it's instantly available in the app. Boom! 

Reason 3: Everything is in one place.

This is admittedly more for me, the end result is good for you too. Before making this shift, my two websites were on two different platforms, and my email service was on another one. That meant lots of different logging on, as well as a clunky way of keeping track of what people want, need, and have purchased or registered for., course, memberships, email, and people are all in one place. One of my favorite benefits of this all-in-one platform is the ability to bundle things together and simplify the process for you. 

Here's how that works (and if you're reading this after February 28, 2021...sorry about this). 

As of now I have four main products/memberships: 

The BibleLife Community™ is my membership community. I teach live every week. I have a live Q&A every week. I write and facilitate a new Bible study every month. We engage daily with lots of people from around the country and overseas. It's awesome. This is normally $10/mo for everything. (But don't register until you get to the bottom. You'll thank me later.)

Relational Bible Study™ is my #1 resource. It's the resource I am most proud of and wish every one of my blog readers would walk through. With videos, downloads, discussion questions, etc. - it is everything you need to move from "should" to "want" when it comes to reading your Bible. This is normally $97. (But don't buy it until you get to the bottom. Seriously. That's why I didn't put a link here.)

My Complete Digital Book Library is, well, exactly what it sounds like. It is every one of my books in every digital format I have. PDF for every book. Kindle for every book. Audiobook for How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible (and more coming). The beauty is that owning the "library" means you not only get access to every current book. You also get access to all future books I write! You own the library after all! The library is valued at $78, but you get it for 40% off - $47. ( guessed it...don't buy it until you get to the bottom.)

The Storyteller Bible™ is my audio recording of the Christian Standard Bible®. I currently have the whole New Testament completed (as well as the book of Jonah). I offer this product for free. (Although I do accept donations from people who want to support the project.)

Here's what the new platform allows me to do: 

I can bundle things together and offer special discounts without recreating each product. So...during the month of February, 2021, I'm putting everything together and letting you try it for a week for $1. read the correctly. 

Instead of buying Relational Bible Study™ for $97, buying the Keith Ferrin Complete Digital Book Library for $47, grabbing a free copy of the Storyteller Bible™ and registering for the BibleLife Community™ for $10/mo, you can try them ALL for a week for $1. 

If you take a look and decide it's not going to benefit you, you can cancel and you're out a whopping one buck! If you decide it is going to benefit you, then you'll only pay the $10/mo for the BibleLife Community™. Everything else will remain in your account as well. 

You don't have to pick and choose.

I can't wait for you to see it, use it, and enjoy the Bible more than you ever dreamed possible!


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