3 Free Websites That Make Bible Word Studies Incredibly Simple

Have you ever heard a pastor say something like “In the original Greek, this word means ABC” or “The people Paul was writing to would have understood this phrase to mean XYZ?” How does he know that? Is my pastor fluent in Greek and Hebrew? Is there some trick he knows that I don’t?

The truth is, it wasn’t too long ago that you would either need a fairly extensive library – or be fluent in Greek and Hebrew – to understand what the original hearers would have known intuitively.

Now, doing a Bible word study is incredibly simple (and the tools are free).

There are three, super-simple online tools for doing Bible word studies. They’re actually features of three of the websites I highlight in my free eBook – My Top 10 Online Bible Study Tools (and they’re all FREE).

StudyLightBibleHub and Blue Letter Bible

The screencast below will show you step-by-step how to do a word study using each of them.

Since I explain the tools and actually do a word study using each (all in under seven minutes) it should give you a pretty good idea of how simple these tools really are!

Here are a few times when you might want to give Bible word studies a try:

  • When a word or phrase gets repeated several times in the same chapter or book
  • When a word seems confusing
  • When a concept in a passage hinges on one word or phrase.

Some people hear the phrase “word study” and immediately think, “That sounds tedious. It seems too complicated. I don’t have that much time.”

With StudyLightBibleHub and Blue Letter Bible – nothing could be further from the truth. Give it a shot. You’ll love it!


Have you done word studies before? If not, what’s the main reason? If so, how has it benefited you?


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