Have You Seen the Brand New Filament Bible? (Awesome)

As someone who has been blogging about Bible reading, Bible engagement, and Bible study for a long time now, I’ve seen a lot of Bibles. I like to check out Bibles for reading, for study, for journaling, and for coloring (yes, they have those). As a self-admitted “gadget guy,” I also love anything tech-related. Well…the folks at Tyndale (the publishing house behind the New Living Translation) have created a Bible that is a fantastic combination of physical and digital.

The Filament Bible is one you need to see to fully appreciate. So…I recorded a video where I show you the physical Bible and then do a step-by-step walk thru of the complementary (and free!) app. 

Here’s my video walk thru… 

Here are a few links…

Here’s a video from the creators of the Filament Bible

Here’s another (somewhat funny) video from the creators of the Filament Bible

Here are some pictures of what you’ll find inside the Filament Bible…

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