Have you ever struggled with "memorizing" Bible verses (let alone whole chapters or books)? 

If you said "yes," I've got some good news!

Now...Imagine If...

➔ You could remember not only Bible verses, but sections, chapters, and even whole books. (I can see you shaking your head. It is possible!)

➔ You knew the mindset that helps make remembering easier.

 ➔ You not only knew the "words," but you truly understood the Word!

➔ You discovered the two mistakes most people make (that totally derail the process right from the start).

➔ You knew the three types of review that help you review less and remember more.

➔ Your internalization helped grow your relationship with God!

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Good news! You don't have to imagine it!

(And it's much simpler than you think.)

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After spending two decades feeling guilty about not memorizing more - and really struggling with it when I tried - I discovered I had been doing it all wrong.

Here's what I know now... 

You can remember it.
You can keep it in your brain.
You can understand it and remember it at the same time.
And yes...you can even enjoy the process!

With an educational background in psychology, learning, and a passion for brain science, I found that most of what is taught about how to internalize the Bible (I don't use the word "memorize" anymore) does not line up with how long-term memory actually happens. 

When I shifted both my mindset and my process (and avoided two big mistakes) I internalized more of the Bible in one summer than I had done in the previous 25 years combined!

Since then, I have internalized a dozen entire books of the Bible...as well as some large portions of other books, (like several of the Psalms and the Sermon on the Mount). 

I have spent the last 25 years speaking at conferences and writing books to help people just like you, read, study, internalize and enjoy the Bible more than they dreamed possible.

Recently, I put everything I have learned about internalizing the Bible into a step-by-step course.


"The Simplest Way to Internalize (Not Just Memorize) Any Verse, Chapter or Whole Book in the Bible!"

This course will help you...

...overcome the "I can't memorize" mindset.

...finally develop a habit of hiding God's Word in both your heart and mind.

...retain whole sections, chapters and books.

...remember where to find specific events in some of the longer books (like Genesis, Acts, or the Gospels).

...transform the way your kids and students feel about "Bible memory."

What You'll Find Inside

  • 20+ Video-Based Sessions covering Mindset, Process, and Extra Tips
  • Downloads
  • Printables
  • Step-by-Step Videos
  • Plans for verses, chapters, and what books to start with.
  • Weekly "family plans" for parents and kids to do together.
  • Guidance for churches and Christian schools.
  • The easiest way to remember events or concepts (and the order) for longer books.

This is for you if...

✓ You feel like Bible memory is a "should" more than a "want."

✓ You think you can't memorize.

✓ You would like to grow in your relationship with God.

✓ You work at a church where "memorization" is woven into your children's ministry.

✓ You work at a Christian school and would like "memory work" to be seen as doable - and enjoyable!

✓ You serve with a ministry where Bible memorization is a big part (like Awana or Bible Quizzing) and you would like your students to know the Word...not just the words.

✓ You homeschool and want your kids to understand, remember, and enjoy God's Word!

Get Lifetime Access For Only $97!

What past participants have to say...

"Keith Ferrin does it again! His goal to make the Living Word a reality comes alive in this course. The materials break the process down into manageable bites, with plenty of tips and helps along the way. Worth every penny!" ~Joan

"If you want to go beyond memorizing words and really get to know the Word, this course is for you!" ~Ann

"I love this method of internalizing scripture! I was blown away by how quickly the Bible stuck in my mind. I'm so surprised, yet so excited and grateful." ~Beverly

Get Lifetime Access for Only $97!
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I stand 100% behind any resource I create. Try it and apply it for 30 days. After that, if my methods don't work for you, let me know and I'll gladly refund your entire purchase price.

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